Davines Your Hair Assistant Full-Body Master Brush

Brand: Davines
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Davines Your Hair Assistant Full-Body Master Brush is a backcombing brush for creative styles and extra volume. An essential tool for creating the perfect up-do as well as styling long hair or creating exceptional volume through back combing. Tapered handle, ideal for picking up and sectioning hair.

• All brushes are made with a mix of nylon and wild boar bristles.
• The triangle shape of bristles (nylon bristle taller with wild boar bristles shorter and in circles) allow to get the best from every material: the nylon bristles penetrate and detangle while the wild boar bristles smooth and polish the hair.
• Wild boar bristles are always used for high quality brushes thanks to their properties and performance. They are the most similar material to human hair, being anti-static and reduces fly-aways. They are soft to the touch but strong, yet don’t damage even finer hair. Wild boar bristles provides good hair care by cleansing, stimulation of the scalp and distribution of natural sebum.
• The Beechwood handle is sourced from sustainable forestry.

Thanks to this combination, the brushes are resistant to high heat and durable.

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