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After a 4 year journey and 262 formulations, this is much more than a shampoo. Davines a single shampoo is a 360 sustainability project, one that takes our already strict standards to an even higher level. It is our best union of performance and sustainability.

THE CONCEPT- this is not a shampoo

A single shampoo is non perfect product, it is a statement of sustainability.

It embodies our essence and our actions. It represents our daily efforts to keep learning and to explore even the roads less traveled if they are the right ones.

From the formula to the container, a single shampoo is an atypical product, made in its own way. It does not seduce, does not declare, does not boast anything. On the contrary, a single shampoo apologizes for being imperfect and promises that it will never give up trying to improve THE CONCEPT this is not a shampoo.

A single shampoo owes its name to a beautiful movie by Tom Ford, 'a single man’ (2009). The protagonist is in love with his lost partner and doesn't compromise with himself or with other people, staying true and honest to himself, no matter what. This is what a single shampoo is, this is what we also are. A single shampoo has no front facing symbol; we show the back of a person walking with love on his shoulders, and a statement from Indian poet Kabir to accompany his path.





This embodies all humans who believe that going in search for a good purpose is more important than showing off what they already own. A single shampoo is the symbol of our journey to do better and to be better for the world. It's a commitment we have made and a dream we constantly strive towards.


A single shampoo has been developed following the principles of Sustainable Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA), a procedure that evaluates every possible impact on natural resources, environment and society, during the entire life cycle of the product, from raw materials and production, until use and disposal

4 years of development

262 formulas

Offers a mild and gentle cleansing

Provides hydration with an elasticizing action

Suitable for everyday usage on all hair types

Can be combined with any suitable conditioner or mask from the assortment

Quinoa based conditioning agent, offering softness and shine Multifunctional
carbohydrate, providing hydration.
Exclusive surfactant produced for Davines from Quercetano olive oil, Slow Food Presidium created by Davines, for biodiversity.
Vegetal derived surfactants from a variety of sources.
39% synthetic preservatives are raw materials preservatives.

93% natural origin surfactants:
Exclusive surfactant studied by Davines and produced for us, derived from Olive oil.
Part of the olive oil comes from the Quercetano variety, a Slow Food Presidium in Tuscany promoted and supported by Davines, to actively preserve the biodiversity.
Rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids and with structural similarities with the human sebum, offers a mild cleansing action.
Fermented surfactants with amino acids from corn: environmentally friendly, mild, soft and with strong cleansing power.
Surfactants derived from olive oil, sunflowers, brassica, wheat and other sources.

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